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New tour dates added for August & September.
Chan was featured in the june/july 2001 issue of nylon magazine, photographed by stefano giovannini. She was also in the august issue of jane mag. See the pics.
speaking of stefano, check out his new site. his photographs are simply beautiful. be sure to click around to view all of them.

Cat Power will be performing at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival being curated by Sonic Youth. The festival will take place on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California from October 19 - 20, 2001. Here's the news from


Spin Magazine seems to really like Cat Power.  She is featured in the April 2001 issue as #40 in their Top 40 Bands of 2001.  See the pic here.


Go here to see video of Chan doing The Kinks and Eminem tunes karaoke style!


There is a nice 3-page piece on Cat Power in the February issue of SPIN magazine.  You can read it in the articles section, and see the photos in the moonpics section (it's the first three.)

Small bit of news:  MTV is using a part of "Cross Bones Style" in a commercial for their movie about Matthew Shepard, "Anatomy of a Hate Crime."  


Cat Power will be touring again this month!  Matador Records says that the shows will be solo and mostly acoustic.  The November 16th show at Irving Plaza is specifically for NYU students, and Chan will be joined by Britt Daniel of Spoon and Bright Eyes.   See tour page for the dates.

Apparently, a number of people have been covering the Rolling Stones' 35-year-old song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" lately.  Including Britney Spears (god she's mentioned way too much on this page, sorry about that), Fatboy Slim, and of course, our Chan.  Music News of The World did a piece on the 'phenomenon'.  I didn't bother to read the whole thing but here's Chan's quote:   "All Mick Jagger wanted was some pu---.  I'm turning it around, I'm a girl. Someone's telling me what I'm supposed to swallow, what I'm supposed to think and stuff. There's a little bit of a rebellious thing, because I'm saying I wanna meet a boy ... like a little bit of 'I can do it, too.' "  

Cat Power has been receiving shout-outs from diverse places lately.  According to Matador:   "Watching ‘NHL Tonight’ on ESPN after the Flyers’ easy win over the lowly Penguins about 2.30 last night proved entertaining. Keith Primeau scored the game winner and the ‘NHL Tonight’ host said: ‘What Chan Marshall is to Cat Power, Keith Primeau is to the Flyers’. True story, and the pronounciation of her first name was correct too."
Also, in the May 25 issue of Rolling Stone (Britney Spears cover), Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters said that he's been listening to Moon Pix lately saying that .."its like a fuckin lullaby...The best thing to come out of a woman's mouth since Phoebe Snow...and its beautiful."  
Meanwhile, Courtney Love recently spoke at a digital conference and in her speech she blasted the music industry, accusing it of drowning out her favorite acts -- who she said include rockers Sleater-Kinney and singer/songwriter Cat Power -- in favor of "crap."

cat power performed at the knitting factory in new york, and it was broadcast live on the internet through the knitting factory website.  i love cat power but i ended up enjoying michael hurley's performance more than her's.  but i think that may be because the quiet power of cat does not transmit well through a two inch, fuzzy quicktime screen.