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"I love her voice.  I think she's maybe a little lazy.  She's just so natural at it.  I guess she's such an "I-am-a-singer/songwriter," I wish she'd just put herself at a little more risk, have more ambition.  Focus."  --Kim Gordon on Chan

She asked me if I was hair and makeup."  --Chan, on meeting Fiona Apple during their photo shoot

"I couldn't really hear [my voice] before.  Or maybe I could and I just didn't care."

"I never bought records. I was never into music.  I'm still not into music. I mean, if you play me a song and I like it, I'll remember it forever. I like songs. But I'm not into records. A record is just -- it's too overwhelming. It's too much. My attention span is really short."

"It’s people like that that are young, and that are like…they’re like ten years younger than me. And I know when I was that age, shit was so hard for me, too. Like you. Like everybody. So, that’s one reason why when people say, "Well why do you do it if you don’t like being on stage?" I just say, "Well because there’s this strange feeling that I feel like what I’m doing is something good." I’m trying to do something honest..."

"I learned that there was this other music, and it's not like Billy Idol and it's not like 'What's Love Got to Do with It' or all the '80s stuff, like Kajagoogoo or Debbie Gibson. There's more out there."  
--Chan on college radio