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cat power wallpaper page - just found this, very nice images
cat power site @ mudstories - this is my favorite cp site.  lovely design
photographer stefano giovannini's site - beatutiful photos of chan and others

stefano's old site - great pics of early cat power

scott gallagher's cat power site - nice new site, tabs and live pics

cat power site by arne snevoll - first cp site, and the first one i visited when i discovered chan.  good pics
cat power site by Alain Serrano & Babak Esfandiari - cool site, lots of older, rare interviews and tabs

crossbonesstyle - a nice site covering all the basics

cat power lyrics & pictures site - that pretty much sums it up.  also go to the main page - lots of other band's lyrics as well

cat power site @ crosswinds - nice site with personal touches, like fans' reviewsof shows



video of chan at a karaoke bar @ - a must see!

live video performances @ - "matador was kind enough to lend us their crown jewel"  

cat power interview & cross bones style video @ insound - type cat power in the search engine

cat power @

cat power official site @ matador records - some good links.  be sure to listen to the brave new world session.  matador hasn't updated this in ages though


cat power community @ eGroups - good source for latest news on cp

cat power fanclub @ yahoo - 380 fellow cp fans

where rockets find planets -"the original cp discussion site since feb 99"